2021 Oklahoma Snow Storm – A Letter From Owner Robert Norris

Dear Valued Customers,

As a longtime resident of Oklahoma City and the owner of a company that has been operating locally for the last nine years, I wanted to reach out to my community after the latest record-breaking snowstorm and cold front.

Here at CertaPro®, we have seen the damage firsthand and wanted to let you know we are here for you. Between burst water lines causing drywall issues and snow causing exterior damage, it can be a lot for any homeowner to handle. Not to mention, this storm could not have come at a worse time. Between a global pandemic and growing economic concerns, we know that times are challenging. But if I know anything, it’s the Oklahoma spirit and how resilient we are.

I graduated from Putnam City North and was a student of Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. Because of my long history here, I know how we come together to help our neighbors in times of need. During Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina, CertaPro® and our team were there for the victims. We helped with the reconstruction in Houston for the hurricanes a couple of years ago; we sent supplies to Puerto Rico, and we were there through the Moore tornadoes. The Oklahoma spirit is undeniable and unwavering. That stands true now.

As a fellow Oklahoman, it only feels natural to lend a hand and help out wherever possible. How are we going to do this? 

Many of you who have burst water lines will be reaching out to your homeowner’s insurance or plumbers to fix these issues. So the first thing we can do is offer a free estimate on the repairs for any damage caused by the snow and cold temperature. We always provide free estimates, but we will specify all of the areas and itemize them with details, so you have no questions about what needs to be fixed.

Once you have an itemized price list for your insurance, the next thing we can do is help with the cost. We will be offering a 15% discount for any storm damage and a free upgrade to our premium paints so that you can make sure what you are putting on your walls is even better than what was on there before.

We also offer drywall repair services. If the plumbers have to cut out sections of the wall, we can ensure the repairs are done to the highest standards. Additionally, we can try to find the best possible match for your texture so that the repairs are not an eyesore. We also refinish cabinets and perform soffit and facia replacements. Whatever your repair needs may be, we’ll work with you to get them done.

When the areas of concern are repaired, we will finish with an excellent paint job so that you can go back to your life with one less problem and a beautiful home.

If you are worried about our safety practices while we fix your home, I want to put that concern to rest. Our crews have all gone through special COVID-19 training and will do their very best to maintain the safety of everyone involved. We can even sanitize the areas we worked in with our Sani sprayer once the job is finished — this is an additional service that can be added to any project.

At CertaPro®, we are Oklahoma Proud. We want to be your choice not only when it comes to your everyday painting needs but also in times like this when we can work together to build back our homes and community. I personally want to thank you for the years of support, and I hope that we can help ease even some of the worry our fellow Oklahomans are facing right now.

Rober Norris
Owner of CertaPro Painters® of OKC-Edmond, OK