Cheryl RiceOffice Manager

Phone: N/A

I have been working with CertaPro as the office manager since Fall of 2014. I had met Jason prior to this and had done some contract work for him in 2013 so I reached out to him about re-joining the team. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and have primarily worked in accounting office’s prior to CertaPro.

I love working with them as they have always been flexible to my needs (allowing me to work an earlier shift in the office that makes the drive a little more manageable) and allowing the pups to come with me to work-first Mia then Milo and Mia. They have been coming to work with me on the days when me and my husband are both on day shift since they were 7-8 weeks old. I work a flex shift that is full time during April to October and part time during the winter months when driving conditions are less desirable. I live an hour away from Kelowna and driving that far full time was concerning but the way we have worked things out works perfectly and while I have set days during the winter, we have the flexibility to change the days around if weather requires. Could not ask for a better crew of people to work with!