Tips for Maintaining Wood Decks

cleaning a wooden deckNorthern Arizonas beautiful outdoor landscape calls for many homes to have decks and patios as main features of the properties exterior. Many of our customers have us come to stain decks for our team to find a neglected surfaces on the deck or patio. A little effort can go a long way to preserving painted and stained surfaces.

As a wooden element, your deck is subject to all of the elements outside. Precipitation and temperature changes can cause a mess within the wood. Each spring its a good idea to inspect your deck for damages from the winter season. Skipping this could result in a big, messy and most importantly expensive project. Follow these tips and your deck will be well protected for seasons to come.

1. Inspect

Once or twice a year, carefully look over the surfaces on your deck. Things to look for can include peeling paint, faded colors, protruding nails, and rotting wood. One way to test for wood rot is to pretty a screwdriver against the surface lightly, if the wood begins to cave in, it is likely rotting on the inside and will need replacement.

2. Clean

Debris tends to accumulate on your deck as fall and winter move through. Leaves, twigs and other tree cast offs can cause damage to underlying wood. Start with a broom and then move to a stiff bristled brush to remove the remaining stains. If you choose to power wash, be cautious with the PSI. Using too high pressure can cause divots and gouges in the wood.

3. Stain or Paint

Protect your deck for the summer to come by either staining or painting it. Stain will allow a more natural wooden color, while paint gives you more opaque options of colors. Either will repel water and protect against UV rays. Some paints offer specialized UV resistant coatings to avoid color leaching for longer.

4. Seal

Sealing your deck is a further step beyond stain and paint. It is another layer of protection between the wooden deck and the elements outside. It can help prevent a bevvy of issues listed above for a longer period of time.

5. Refinish Regularly

While you may have to make minor repairs annually to your deck area, most stained or painted decks should remain protected without annual painting. If the paint or stain is prepared and applied as directed, it can last up to 3 years between reapplications.

6. Call the Pros

Keeping your deck in order can be a large task depending on the size and complexity of your outdoor space. Our expert teams are knowledgeable about deck issues and repairs. If you’re ready to have your deck inspected and repaired, call us now. Schedule a no-obligation estimate with our crew today.