Painting Services For Wood Siding Homes in Northern Arizona

Painting For Wood Siding Homes in Northern Arizona

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Wood siding and wood paneling homes are very common building materials in northern Arizona. Wood siding painting projects often require some extra prep steps compared to other surfaces like stucco or aluminum siding. Overall the process is similar but techniques and equipment change. We start by evaluating the condition of the exiting paint, any loose or failing paint will be scraped and removed. Some projects involve sanding the surfaces prior to painting.

After removing the old paint, we usually have a good idea for what areas may need repairs prior to painting. This is not always a required step but often there are parts of the wood exterior that have become damaged or are starting to rot. In the event we do find areas in need of repair our team is trained and capable of fixing non-structural damage to the exterior. We can fix these with wood replacement prior to painting.

Keeping up with painting and of wood paneling and siding is very important to the overall health of the home. Paint serves as a waterproof barrier that shields the wood from water accumulation, mold, and wood rot. If neglected rot and spread and make its way into the structure of the home over time and cause costly damages.

Wood Siding Painting & Repair Projects Completed By Our Team

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