How to Choose the Best Type of Paint for Your House

Updating your home with paint is an easy and efficient way to give it a fresh feel. Especially if you are planning on putting your home on the market, an exterior painting could help you sell quicker or for more money. Let’s look at how to choose the best type of paint for your house.

Which type of paint to you choose?

When you choose paint options, you’ll notice you can choose from two main options: oil or latex. Most often, latex is used in home because it offers easy cleaning and long term durability. It will also go on with less chance of bubbling than an oil-based paint because it is more breathable on the walls.

Oil-based paints have their uses within your home too. They are great for use on real wood, since they will allow some of the wood’s characteristics to show through. Consider oil-based paint for places like wooden trim, stairs and architectural elements. These paints will require a longer drying time than a latex-based option.




How are sheens used?

Easily put, the glossier the finish, the more durable it will be for cleaning. For rooms that are particularly messy, like kitchens and children’s rooms, you’ll want to go for a shinier finish. It will stand up to more scrubbing and cleaning of everyday messes.

Try using a high gloss option on your nursery walls, playrooms and kitchens. You’ll be able to use degreasers and soap and water to clean messes off of your walls with relative ease. It will be harder to cover imperfections in the walls. The light will bounce off of walls and create an unappealing brightness for some rooms, like living rooms. They are best left to lesser sheens.

A semi-gloss is a great option that includes a somewhat washable finish with less light reflection. It will cost a bit less per gallon for your project. The smooth finish is perfect for walls that see heavy wear but not necessarily messes. Consider it or use in hallways, where regular bumps and dirty fingers can wreak havoc on wall covers. It’s the protection of glossy, with the livability of matte. The most popular semi-gloss is eggshell which is smooth to the touch, durable for washing and hides most small imperfections.

Matte colors are beautiful and offer a no-luster option for your walls. With that, you will not be able to clean the walls and upkeep is very difficult. For this reason, it’s best kept for rarely used rooms with little mess, like a formal dining room.

Which color should I choose?

Color choice is a personal question. Mostly, you should choose colors that appeal to you and your family. The exception is if you are planning to sell your house soon. In that case, it’s a good idea to stick to a neutral palette that could allow any potential homeowner to see their style and family fitting into it. White and off-white have long been touted as good choices. More than anything, it’s a blank slate for the new buyer to put anything onto.

More likely, you’re painting your house because you want to enjoy the new color choices, not a new owner. Take advantage of big color selections and brochures at paint and big box stores. Their sales people are somewhat knowledgeable on color schemes and complementary colors for your palette. It’s easy to bring a new feel to any room with a new wall color.



What do I do with my ceiling?

Using colors on your ceiling can make it seem higher or lower. You can fake a vaulted ceiling by putting a lighter color on it than the walls. A darker color, by contrast will make the room feel cozier and not as cavernous. Do not be afraid of color on ceilings. If you’re looking for a subtle start to colors on ceilings, begin with a slight tint in your white paint. This is a style that can be carried through the room’s trim and baseboards.

If you are still unsure about using colors and finishes to get the feel you want in your rooms, contact our color consultants for assistance.