16 July 2019

How to Choose the Best Type of Paint for Your House

Updating your home with paint is an easy and efficient way to give it a fresh feel. Especially if you are planning on putting your home on the market, an exterior painting could help you sell quicker or for more money. Let’s look at how to choose the best type of paint for your house.Read the full article

24 June 2019

6 Small Paint Projects with Big Impact

Good weather has us jazzed up for new painting projects. Take an afternoon and a small amount of paint to create one of 4 small paint projects with big impact. Beautiful Bench Get a bench, whether upcycled, garage sale or found and give it a face lift with some paint. This paint project can beRead the full article

20 May 2019

How Does Humidity Affect Painting?

There are two things that can impact the drying of your paint. They are temperature and humidity. Too little or too much of either can cause issues or even ruin your painting. Knowing the conditions to avoid can help you determine when to paint, to get a beautiful outcome. But how does humidity affect painting?Read the full article

09 April 2019

8 Paint Colors for a Kid Room Renovation

Kids’ rooms are particularly hard to handle. As your child grows, their style and personality change. Their room color should reflect that. Take some time to give the room a stylish makeover. Here are 8 paint colors for a kid room renovation. Lavender A sweet purple can be stylish with a few extra elements toRead the full article

05 March 2019

4 Tips To Pick The Perfect Paint Color

Committing to a color for you home is a daunting task. It’s something you will look at every single day. So making the right choice is important. Here are 4 tips to pick the perfect paint color. With so many options of wall color available, how do you make sure you choose wisely? The hardestRead the full article

03 August 2018

Painting Project for Melissa Sharpe from KESZ in Phoenix

We were thrilled to complete a painting project for Melissa Sharpe from KESZ in Phoenix! Click the link above to hear what she has to say about working with CertaPro Painters®.  

28 June 2018

Badges of Recognition

CertaPro Painters® of Northern Arizona is Proud of their Badges of Recognition.