The Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Painters and Painting

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is how much it costs to paint kitchen cabinets or how much does it cost to hire our cabinet painters. This question is very hard to answer because there are many factors involved when it comes to pricing this type of service.

Size of the Kitchen

Larger kitchens with many cabinets that are big and tall will cost more than smaller kitchens with smaller cabinets. There needs to be more material and it takes more time the bigger the kitchen and so that means it will cost more money.


Older cabinets that need a lot of prep work will cost more than ones that hardly need prep work besides sanding. This is why we have an estimator come to the customer’s home. We need to see how much prep work needs to be done before the cabinets are painted.

Color Changes

Going from dark to light is difficult because the cabinets need to painted multiple times. This is why many times when people radically change their kitchen cabinets end up having to spend more money.

Light Carpentry Work

CertaPro Painters® of Niagara, Brant and Flamborough does offer light carpentry services along with their painting. If there needs to be any wood repair on the cabinets, this cost will be factored into the estimate.

The average cost of painting kitchen cabinets by professional painters is $5,000 but remember, the factors above have a lot to do with the price. Some people will pay half that while others pay much more. It depends on the cabinets’ size and condition.

Painting Kitchen Walls Along with Cabinets

Many people decide to have their kitchen walls painted as they are having their cabinets painted because it just makes sense. We recommend it because then you get the entire look. Does adding the walls increase the cost much? Not really since we are already there, we usually give our customers a good price.

The best way to know how much it costs to paint your kitchen cabinets and walls is to schedule a FREE estimate.