5 Questions to Ask our Painting Pro

House painting is not for a novice home repairman. It’s a big job that requires specialized tools and know-how. If you decide to hire a professional crew to take care of it for you, we don’t blame you! Make sure the crew understands your requests and needs before you sign any contracts. Here are 5 questions to ask our painting pro before you agree to start the job.

“Are your workers employees or subcontractors?”

Quite a few painting crews are made up of subcontractors. You will find it’s common for this industry. This practice saves the painting companies money on benefits, taxes and other benefits. Crews are supplemented with subcontractors particularly during the busier seasons. The contractors may not be subjected to as many screenings as employees so be careful bringing them into your home.

“Do you have insurance?”

Regardless of the status of workers, make sure the company you hire carries insurance. They will be able to provide you with two separate policies. Look for both liability and workman’s compensation.

Comprehensive Business Liability protects your property from any damages incurred while the project was being completed. This means the company carries a million dollars in coverage just in case anything happens and repairs need to be made.

The second, workman’s compensation is made to cover the workers in case they are injured on the job, on your property. If the company does not carry a policy like this, you are potentially on the hook to cover medical costs that happen on your grounds.

“How long is your warranty and what does it cover?”

Warranties are an extra step of insurance from a company that they stand by their work. Be cautious of companies that offer unrealistic warranties of 10 or 20 years, or even lifetimes. More often than not, companies offering these kinds of warranties will be out of business long before you need their services. A normal expectation for a warranty is a year, but well-done work from a professional crew can last 2-3 years and may be covered. The warranty should include all work and materials to fix issues of failure. Keep in mind there are always some exemptions like normal wear and tear or water damage.

“Do you require any payment upfront?”

Never pay upfront. It bears repeating, never pay upfront. It’s a normal practice for a painter crew to request up to half of the cost of the job upfront, no more. This allows them to secure dates, a crew and products to complete your work.

“What is included in prep and will my property be protected?”

This answer varies from company to company. Thorough estimates will list each item to be addressed, including the preparations you should expect. Some will go further and include touch-ups to dings or imperfections, while others could just include sanding and priming. Many crews have the capability to complete repairs, typically for additional fees. Just be aware that these items might mean a higher bottom line.

“I’m on a budget, is there anything I can do to reduce costs?”

Sometimes a little elbow grease will go a long way. Once you have met with the estimator and know the costs of the job and their recommendations, try to pitch in to reduce costs. Every man-hour on the job costs you money. Some companies are willing to allow homeowners to contribute to the job by doing some preparations themselves. This could include removing plates, moving furniture, sanding or repairing issues and other options. Keep in mind that if the company doesn’t provide services from top to bottom, they might void your warranties, so it’s something you should discuss with your estimator.

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