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Cost to Hire a Professional Painter for Interior Painting Projects

The below pricing information provides ballpark interior painting estimates for a variety of room sizes. These prices are for homes within our service area of the greater Green Bay, WI region.

Some rooms may require more than just paining to complete the project, if drywall repairs or trim replacement are needed you should expect the price to be higher.

There are many factors that determine the price of a painting project, any of the below items that can change the pricing.

  • Wall Height – if you have rooms with high walls it will increase the pricing.
  • Surface Types – what surfaces are included such as trim, doors, and molding.
  • Color selection – drastic color changes usually require more paint and can increase the price.
  • Repairs – if there is any damaged surfaces that need repair, expect the price to be higher.

The above list are the most common factors that can change the price of an interior painting project. There are many other variables that can be discussed at an estimate appointment with our team. Below are a few ballpark estimates to give you an idea of about what range to expect.

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Standard Bathroom


Walls*300 Sq Ft$210.00
Ceilings50 Sq Ft$75.00
Baseboards25 Ln Ft$35.00
Standard 4 Pane Door not painted Per Side$130.00
Door Frame Per Frame$65.00
bathroom painting costs

Standard Bedroom


Walls*400 Sq Ft$265.00
Ceilings200 Sq Ft$165.00
Baseboards60 Ln Ft$80.00
Standard Door not paintedPer Side$130.00
Door FramePer Frame$130.00

Large Living Room


Walls*750 Sq Ft$465
Ceilings500 Sq Ft$345
Baseboards100 Ln Ft$135
Standard door Not painted already Per Side$85.00
Door FramePer Frame$65.00
cost to paint a large living room green bay