Deck & Fence Staining Services

In Green Bay & De Pere, WI Areas

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Deck Staining Services
in Green Bay & De Pere Service Areas

Decks, fences, and patios are very common in the greater Green Bay service area. The weather and winter conditions can be hard on exterior wooden structures like these, and regular staining or painting is required to prevent wood rot or other problems over time. Without regular maintenance, costly structural damage can happen.

The CertaPro Painters® of NE Wisconsin residential painting crews have years of experience sealing and staining decks to protect them from all types of weather conditions. Depending on your project, our professional surface prep and deck staining process may include:

deck painting scrape lose paint


We use tools to scrape loose paint, dirt, and grime from the surfaces.

Deck sanding service


Sanding is not always required, but many projects will need sanding to even out the wood.

Power washing deck before staining

Power Wash

Surfaces are power washed to clean of debris or accumulated grime.

Exterior deck staining service

Paint or Stain

The final step is to apply premium paint or stain to your surface.

Deck Painting & Staining Projects
In Green Bay & De Pere Areas

See below for pictures of deck painting and deck staining projects we completed in the area. If you are looking for assistance with your deck or fence painting project, contact us for a free estimate.

Exterior Stair Painting

Exterior Stair Painting

We did an exterior paint application for this Green Bay Home which included stairs and railings.

Deck Painting Green Bay

Deck Painting Green Bay

We did a cleaning and staining for this deck in Door County, WI.

Gazebo Painting Project

Gazebo Painting Project

This Gazebo painting project in South Green Bay brought new life to this poolside lounge.

Door Staining Project

Door Staining Project

A front door staining Project in Green Bay completed by our team.

Staining Project

Staining Project

Stabbur Beer Garden at Al Johnson's, Sister Bay, WI

Deck Painting Project

Deck Painting Project

We did repairs for damaged wood and painted this deck in De Pere.

Popular Stain Finishes in NE Wisconsin

There are several options for the type of finish you can apply to decks and fences. There are some pros and cons with each option and each provide a different look and feel. Learn more about the most common types we do for customers in the greater Green Bay area below.

Most horizontal surfaces will need to be stained or painted once every 1-3 years in Wisconsin.

Solid Stains

Solid stains completely cover the wood grain and have a painted appearance. This type of stain has the highest durability and life of the stain types. Solid stains also have a wider variety of colors and color options, color changes can be done when using a solid stain product.

solid deck stain

Semi-Transparent & Semi-Solid

These products offer one step up from a transparent stain but still allow some of the wood grain to show through. It can be applied over other coatings in some cases. This type of stain may require more than 1 coat to get the desired look and color. Semi-solid stains are also more durable than transparent stains and have a slightly longer lifespan.

semi-solid stain

Transparent or Translucent

Transparent stains are commonly used on floors and furniture, the stain can also be used for decks and fences. Stains in this category are either clear or slightly tinted, leaving much of the natural wood grain showing through. These stains are typically oil based and soak into the wood offering protection from water and the elements. In order to apply this stain the wood must be bare, it can not be applied on top of an existing paint or stain. Best used on brand new decks and fences.

transparent stain