There’s Still Time for Interior Painting Projects Before the Holidays

It’s nearing the end of October already and family gatherings for the holiday season are right around the corner. Many of our customers in the Green Bay area are having their interiors updated now in prep to have the interiors of their homes in tip-top shape for the upcoming events in the home. Painting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to revitalize the interior of a home. Here are a few ideas on projects that can make a big difference.

If you have interior walls with stains, dings, damaged sections, or failing paint, its probably time for some maintenance and upkeep regardless of season.

It’s crucial to remember that while you are painting with the holidays in mind, the color will remain long after the decorations are back in storage. Choose colors that will make you happy on their own as well as provide a good canvas for garlands and lights.

Its important to remember the colors selected will be around all year, and for many years to come. Choose colors that you enjoy and that work well with the home furnishings and lighting in the home. We can help with color selection via our color consulting service if you are having a hard time choosing. Color consultants will take into account the colors in your home, your preferences, and provide you with recommendations, samples, and mock ups of what the final paint will look like.

Lastly, with any interior painting project the finish type of the paint is also an important consideration. For rooms where the walls can easily get dirty, like kitchens and bathrooms, we recommend using a high gloss or semi-gloss paint that will stand up to splashes and washing.

Traditional Paint Colorspainting working on interior trim

Tried and true colors are tried and true for a reason. For colors that work all year long, think of warm yellows, greens or beiges. These colors are easy to dress up with textiles and accessories for any season. They also create a great backdrop for your family holidays Thanksgiving and beyond.

Bold Paint Colors

If your home leaves you longing for more, try a bold statement color. Accent walls in deep cranberry, hunter green or navy blue can be the answer. A room of neutral instantly has a focal point and creates style without becoming overbearing or taxing on your eyes.

Barely There Paint Colors

The newest colors are truly barely there. These off white colors have tints of gray, blue, yellow, green and red to give a warmer or more relaxing feeling to the room.

For a busy holiday season, bring in some help! Our teams are here to help with interior painting projects for your home. Schedule a free estimate now to have your project completed before the holiday décor comes out.