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Commercial buildings often feature metal doors on the perimeter of the building. Metal doors are often a requirement to meet fire codes for warehouse and industrial facilities, over time the doors finish will wear down from usage. In some cases, rust can also begin to form on sections of the door. Rusted areas will need to be removed in order to properly restore the door to its original condition.

Metal door project steps can vary depending on the building and the condition of the door, but most projects include these steps:

  • Clean surfaces to remove dirt and grime
  • Sand door surfaces, with attention on areas with scratches or holes.
  • Fill any damaged areas of the door with a material similar to auto-body filler
  • 2nd round of sanding with a higher grit sandpapermetal door painting and repair
  • Scrape any loose paint off the door
  • Prime the surface with a high quality primer using a brush or paint sprayer
  • Sand the primer after it dries
  • Apply paint to sanded primer

Most door projects involve removing the door, however it is not required in all situations. If you need help with restoring metal exterior doors on a commercial property in the greater Green Bay service area, contact us to set up a free estimate appointment.