Color Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Painting Projects

The kitchen is usually one of the most used rooms in the house and one of the largest contributors to resale value. Homes with good quality cabinets that look aged have an option to paint or refinish the cabinets to get a modern look and feel out of dated looking cabinetry.  We have been helping customers in the Green Bay area with kitchen cabinet and painting and restoration services for many years, the last few years have seen a few stand out popular color choices.

Replacement of cabinets is a difficult, time consuming, and expensive task. The option to paint or refinish existing cabinets should be strongly considered when thinking about ways to improve the aesthetic in a kitchen. The cost of painting vs replacing is substantially less.

Cabinets usually see a lot of activity and are prone to dents and dings from moving items in and out of them. Using a glossy and strong finish is recommended to make cleaning the surfaces easy, and to have some added impact resistance.


White Painted Kitchen Cabinetswhite cabinets

White painted kitchen cabinets have been by far the most popular and common selected color in the Green Bay market this year. White offers a clean and bright look to the kitchen with a modern look and feel. Most projects involve removal of the doors so they can be painted in a separate area from the kitchen.




Slate / Dark Gray 

slate cabinets

Earthy and fresh, this orange color was selected by Sherwin Williams as their official Color of the Year for 2019. This is equal parts warm and colorful while also being a vibrant neutral. Everything about terracotta is a juxtaposition. Use this color on your cabinets to give you the feeling of a warm hearth in the heat of Mexico. Bring teal and black in to complete the look. Our experts have found that this color is particularly beautiful in northern homes with wooden floors. The pairing is unmatched.







Sage Greengreen cabinet

Sage is the perfectly unexpected color to put on your cabinets. It’s natural and neutral while being trendy and often passed over. This green is vibrant enough to inspire fresh meals in your kitchen. Since sage meets in the middle of color vibrancy, it works well with dark or light counters and floors; and both equally well. The color is soft enough to be beautiful in a small kitchen without overpowering it or stand out in a larger room. Add some yellow and white for a perfectly fresh feeling in the room.






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