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Deck Staining and Painting

Professional Deck Stainers and Painters in Needham 

Decks lose their luster over time due to the sun, rain, snow, and hot/cold temperatures. As you know with Needham’s weather, the winters are bitter cold, and snowfalls often. When that snow sits on the deck, it eats away at the finish. The summers are hot and the sun beats down on the deck.  Just like the sun can tan skin, it bleaches the deck. That lovely stain or paint starts to lose its beauty.

CertaPro Painters® of Needham works hard to bring back the beauty of your deck with either stain or paint. Our painters will apply the stain you want or color you’d like for your deck and in virtually no time at all, you’ll have your deck looking brand new again.

Light Carpentry Services

In addition to the staining and painting, we will fix any issues with the wood. This is part of the light carpentry services we offer. There’s no need to hire another contractor to fix pieces of your deck. This will make the process of getting your deck to what you would like it to be much easier.

We are the best company for deck staining and painting in Needham. Learn more about our services below.


Erik Harris came to our home and quoted the job. He was punctual, polite, and knew his business. The project was completed on time and without mess! Outstanding job!!

- Jill H.

Jill H.

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Deck Staining and Painting in Needham

We’ve had the honor of deck staining and painting many homes in and around Needham. Below are some of the decks we’ve stained.

Deck Staining in Newton

Deck Staining in Newton

The finished result is nothing short of amazing. This deck now has a new lease on life and with the sealant applied, it will last for many years to come.

Deck Staining in Needham

Deck Staining in Needham

Once dry, the deck is ready for a preservative coating. In most instances it makes sense to use a semi-transparent stain. These come in both oil-based and water-borne formulations, as well as in a number of colors.

Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration

The brighteners and cleaners are applied to the wood, left to sit for a short period of time, possibly agitated to loosen grime, and then rinsed with a pressure washer.

What to Expect with Deck Staining and Painting Services

deck staining in needhamOnce the conditions are right, it usually only takes 2-4 hours to stain an average deck. However, it can take up to 4 hours per 100 square feet to dry, so you should avoid using your deck until the day after the stain has been applied.

Using a professional deck staining company in Needham is crucial. If someone without the proper professionalism and experience stains your deck, they may not prepare the surface correctly. They may use the wrong type of stain, or they may apply the stain unevenly. All of these mistakes can impact the integrity of your deck, not only impairing its look, but also its structure. Staining a deck is not like painting interior walls. It can be very costly to undo poor staining.

Steve was very accommodating and thorough and gave me a very fair price. I will be contacting him to accept his contract and set up a date to begin working.

- Maureen B.

Maureen B.

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