What to Look for in an Interior House Painter

Bringing in a crew to paint your home can feel very intrusive. You want a company you can trust and that will provide a good job. They need to be professional and come with all of the proper tools and certifications to put your mind at ease. Here’s what to look for in a professional house painter.

Do you give free estimates?

Shopping for a project as large as painting is no easy task. Your painters should be willing to provide you a free, written estimate for your project. The estimate should include a detailed plan of what work will be done, and the costs for supplies and labor. You should also feel free to ask about warranties and prep work before you make a decision.

Will you keep me up-to-date on the progress?

Taking on an exterior painting job or several rooms in your home could be a multi-day job. You’ll want to be kept in the loop where the job stands and what remains to be completed. Someone from the company should be in contact with you for updates on progress. You should also have a say in start and end times, especially if you are home while they are working.

What is entailed in clean up?

Don’t be surprised by a messy job site! Confirm in your contract who is responsible for the clean up, and when they are expected to do it. If it’s a multi-day project, it’s possible some items might be left out overnight, but at the end, will the crew be cleaning up? Ask about vacuuming, cleaning spills and any other messes that can be expected with a paint job.

Can you help me find the right paint color?

Choosing a color can be a difficult task. Most painting companies employ a color consultant that is available for jobs they take on. Ask if this is a service that is offered and if it’s an extra cost. Your paint company may work exclusively with particular paint manufacturers, but should be able to provide a variety of colors for your job.

Will you fix any damage?

A painting project can quite often reveal underlying damage to walls and trim you may not have been aware of. Some less scrupulous companies will just paint over the damage, leaving it to potentially cause issues with your paint further down the road. The repairs should be brought to your attention and added to the estimate for your approval. It may cost you more in the moment, but it will save the paint in the long run.

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