We Repair Decks – Deck Repairs in Loudoun

Non-Structural Deck Repairs in Loudoun

If your deck is aging and has rotting boards, failing paint, chips, dents, or other types of cosmetic damage, we can help with wood replacement and repair work. While we do not offer repairs to structural problems, we can recommend a local specialist in those situations. Most deck repairs however are not structural and can be fixed by our team. We also offer professional deck painting and staining services to the area.

Our team can help with the follow:

  • Sanding / scraping of failing or peeling paint
  • Replacement of damaged or rotting boards
  • Fix problems with non-structural railings and decorative elements

Deck Repair Projects in Loudoun

Below are some photos from our team of deck repair projects we completed in the area. Before and after photos are included to get an idea for the types of repairs we can do.