Let Us Brighten Your Day: We’re Open & Here For You

Hello Central Arkansas!

We know how you feel – we’re feeling it too. Being quarantined for weeks isn’t as peaceful and amazing as we thought it would be because let’s be honest – there’s only so much Netflix you can watch.

But you know what? We’re open and we’re painting! To make this even more appealing, we’re offering 20% off ALL painting project completed in April.

Don’t worry; we’re very mindful of the protocols in place for COVID-19. Below you will learn how we’re making sure we’ve kept social distancing intact and eliminating the spread of the virus that’s taken over the world.

How We’re Painting During COVID-19

Our #1 priority is to keep our team and community members safe. Every single step we take, we make double sure that we are not spreading the Coronavirus. We’re doing that with:

Remote Estimates

We’re going to set you up with video conferencing, so you can show us what you want to painted. We’ll be able to figure out how much it will cost without meeting with you as we usually do. While we do prefer face-to-face, it’s not safe at this time. We’ll exchange handshakes and smiles at a later time.

Healthy Painters

Painters who show ANY signs, symptoms, or have knowingly been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will not be allowed to work. We are screening our painters every day to make sure they are safe to visit homes.

Hand Washing and Sanitizer Required

Every one of our team members MUST wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer with at least 90% alcohol in it throughout the day.

Future In-Person Inspections

We understand one of the best things about our painting services is that we offer walk-throughs. We will still honor that, but at a future date when the virus is no longer a threat. You can hold us to that.

Exterior Projects Recommended But Not Required

We recommend exterior projects because there’s no direct contact or risk, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do interior painting. We are taking all of the cleaning precautions we need to ensure there is no spreading of the virus while we’re painting inside your home.

Save Money – Let’s Work Together

Now you have time to focus on home improvements, so let’s get together and make great things happen while saving you 20% and keeping you safe and healthy.