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Southern Arkansas University

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University Painting Project in Magnolia, AR

Southern Arkansas University is a popular local university located in Magnolia, AR. During the Summer of 2022, the school administrators contacted CertaPro Painters to refresh the football stadium, bleachers, and other areas with a vibrant blue accent trim. This stadium has a capacity of over 6500 people, making it a central part of the University’s campus. For such an important project, they made sure to only hire the best by going with the professional painting contractors here at CertaPro Painters of Central Arkansas


The scale of this project was quite large! Our teams were busy working on this one for over a month of painting. When you need a large project done, CertaPro Painters is the one to call!

The CertaPro team had to use ladders and walk boards on the under side of the bleachers in order to reach the high areas that needed painting.

A wooden platform had to be built for some trouble spots in order to reach them


Faded Trim – The blue trim was very faded from years of damage done by sunlight.
Dirt & Dust – The underside of the steel support structure needed a deep cleaning.
Rust Accumulation – Football stadium bleachers are naturally exposed to heavy amounts of rainwater, leading to heavy rust damage over time.


CertaPro has a professional pressure washing team to clean all surfaces before deep work on a project can begin. Our team used PPG Prep 88, also known as Duraprep, to deep clean all surfaces. The solution had to rest on each surface for a minimum of five minutes and no longer than ten, so our team had to pay special attention to each area. The process was effectively an assembly line, with staff prepared to rinse after 5 minutes before moving on to the next area.

PPG Prep 88 is also known as Durethane, and is among the highest quality cleaning products for commercial properties on the market today. This product had to mixed on site by our professional painters using a Part A and Part B component. We even have to add a specialized thinner to the product due to the high heat temperatures we were faced with during this project. The product was brushed on the blue trim and the final product was a very high gloss almost minor finish that turned out amazing.

PROJECT TIMELINE – 6 weeks total


Before starting the project, CertaPro’s professionals surveyed the area and took pictures of what required attention.

Stadium Seats

Stadium Seats

The blue accent is hardly visible due to its dark color scheme

Long View of Stadium

Long View of Stadium

The dark blue of every seat is visible in this wide shot

Faded Railing at Stadium

Faded Railing at Stadium

With such an exposed setting, sun damage and fading is inevitable.

Under The Bleachers

When CertaPro Painters of Central Arkansas arrived on the scene, the underside of the bleachers was extremely dirty! Check out this before & after slider to see the transformation you can expect when hiring the professional painters here at CertaPro. Call today for a free estimate! 501-223-8988


CertaPro Painters® of Central Arkansas analyzed the completed project to make sure all areas were properly addressed.

Vibrant Blue Seating!

Vibrant Blue Seating!

Its amazing how a fresh coat of paint can make the seating feel like new!

Wide Shot of Stadium

Wide Shot of Stadium

With every seat being renewed, the stadium has a bright new life ahead of it!

Bright Blue Railing!

Bright Blue Railing!

Especially during afternoon games, this railing will be clear and easy to handle!