Why You Should Paint the Exterior of your Home this Spring

The winter months are coming to an end and spring will be here before we know it. This means more people will be out and about so your home will be seen a lot more throughout the warm months. If you haven’t had the exterior of your home painted recently and it is looking a little duller than you would like, this spring is the perfect time to paint it. Here is why…

Get it out of the way so you can enjoy a stress-free summer. – It is best to get all home renovations done before the really hot weather kicks in. For one, extreme heat can have a negative effect on the adhesion of the paint to your home. Secondly, getting the painting project over with during the spring allows for a stress-free summer. It frees up time to do smaller home improvement projects such as tending to the landscaping. All you will have to do is sit back and enjoy the outdoor and your beautifully freshly painted home of course!

Repair Winter Weather Damage. – If you live in an area that experiences some harsh weather conditions throughout the winter months, it may have taken a toll on your home. After the snow and ice thaw, you may be left with dull or damaged paint on the exterior of your house. The water that seeps into the paint can be enough of a reason to schedule a painting project this spring.

Spring brings the best weather for painting. – The moderate temps create the ideal situation for your paint to adhere to. Just make sure you wait until there will be a stretch of dry weather. You don’t want to do it during a rainy period, which can be common in the spring months.

Get your summer home ready in advance. If you will be spending the summer months at a second home, schedule it to get painted in the spring. This way it will look beautiful and ready to go by the time you start spending time there. If you’re ready to get your painting project checked off your to-do list give us a call at 1-800-462-3782 or click here for a free estimate!