Color Ideas for Exterior Trim on Your Home

Picking colors for your house is daunting. Now you have the main color and realize you hadn’t considered trim. Time to start the process again. Trim doesn’t have to be tedious. Here are colors for exterior trim for the perfect palette.


Before you start, decide if you want your trim to stand out against the house, or blend in. Both options are good choices and depend on your style preferences. To blend the colors together, you’ll want to pick similar shades to each other. While you won’t want the same color, it needs to be several shades deeper or lighter to read as different, not a mistake. This means it will look like a finished, thought-out look.

For high contrast, use a color wheel for direction. Colors directly across from each other are high contrast and complementary pairs. So for example, if your house choice is green, your high contrast options are in the red family. If your house is blue, you’ll be working with orange.

To achieve a high contrast option that always works, go with black. The color can be paired with any color that you have on your home. As an added benefit, black reads as neutral and will work on any home style.

Monochromatic and Multiple Finishes

One easy way to make a palette stylish and pulled together is to work within one color family. Use the same color in varying finishes. For example, an exterior painted in matte gray with a glossy gray for shutters and doors will look great.


Neutrals are popular for homes because they work well without jarring the eyes. Choose a primary color in a bright tone then use a greige color as the trim. The neutral trim will tone down the brighter color.


Do not feel afraid of bright colors. If you are not comfortable with neutral, try this. Choose a neutral color to put on your walls. Incorporate a bright color on shutters, bricks, doors, or other architectural elements. As a plus, a bright red or black front door can get you more money at a closing on the sale of your house.

Don’t Forget You

Whether you’re keeping your house or preparing for a sale, remember the house is still yours. Choose colors that appeal to your taste. You should feel happy coming home to it, not matter what the color specialists say.

Ready to get started?

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