6 Great Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Paint Your House

Winter can do a number on the exterior of your house. Now that you have ventured outdoors, do a full inspection of the paint you currently have up. It might be time to add a new coating. Paint is the first line of defense against the elements. Here are 6 great reasons why spring is the best time to paint your house.

You read that right, spring is the best time to paint your house and for quite a few reasons. This season is not a typical choice for house painting. Avoid the rush and sign up now, here’s why.


Getting outside this summer will be priority one. Painting the house can take time and make a big mess. This will make your backyard and outdoor areas unusable. By painting during the spring, you can utilize the time during summer with a beautifully painted house. No wasting lovely summer days!

The Price Is Right

Painters are coming off of a slow season in the past winter. Crews are eager to get back in the swing of work. For spring jobs, painters quotes can be more competitive.

You Get The Best Painter

As with most professions, the best crews will get booked up the fastest. By starting your search for a painter now, you’re sure to have your pick of crews. In addition, painters are sure to have quite a few appointments available for booking. Scheduling an estimate or paint job will be quicker and there will be more crews eager to serve you.

Mild Temperatures

This area is fairly good about having steady, mid-range temperatures in the spring. Dew and precipitation are more mild during the spring. Our crews can also avoid extreme temperatures and humidity that will slow down work. Working in the heat causes painters to need more breaks to avoid heat-related illness. Moisture in the air can cause your paint film to dry with bubbles and chipping. Avoid both by scheduling in spring.

Less Foliage and Landscaping in the Way

While buds are forming, our foliage hasn’t come into full bloom yet. This gives painters easy access to walls behind your gardens. They can move freely to paint in every space without worry of breaking through bushes and trees.

Get Ready To Sell Your House

House selling season ramps up immediately after school closes for the year. Realtors often suggest homeowners paint their home’s exterior before listing it on the market. That means if you wait until school closes to start the process, you will lose some selling time. Curb appeal is important and can earn you significantly more at the time of offer. Starting the painting process in spring allows your family to get a jump on home sales season.

Seek Help

Getting your project started now will lead to a longer and more enjoyable summer. Since spring has arrived, schedule a no-obligation estimate with us today.