Preventing Exterior Paint Damage

The paint on the exterior of your house does much more than create a beautiful color. It also adds a layer of protection between your home and the elements, pests and deterioration. If you take diligent care of the paint, it could last you for years to come, looking great. Here is what you can do in preventing exterior paint damage.

Manage Your Greenery

It’s popular to line the edge of your house with foliage in bushes, trees or vines. While they can help divert rain from the walls, or shade them from direct sunlight, they can also cause damage. Keep an eye on the branches and vines that touch the wall. If any are pressing directly on the home, prune them away just enough to allow space.

Clean Your Gutters

Gravity is great for drawing water and leaves off of roofs and sloped architectural designs. Usually, they end up in a gutter along your roofline somewhere, damming up the works. With water backing up in your gutters, the roof could be compromised from water damage. Water drainage can leave streaks and marks down your current paint. To avoid this, clean any debris from the gutters and avoid clogs in the downspouts.

Clean grime from your walls

Walls naturally pick up dirt and debris from the elements outside. The longer it sits on the paint, the more likely it will ruin the finish and cause rapid decay. It’s a good practice to power wash or scrub your walls seasonally to remove the mess. Use harsh scrubbing chemicals sparingly to save the finish on the paint.

Look for Problem Areas

Another seasonal task you should do is to inspect the entire exterior of your house for any problem areas. Look for things like discoloration, cracking or bubbling. Take pictures if necessary so you can remember what the damage looked like and where it was. Each inspection, compare the images. Any increase in damage should be noted or considered for repair.

Repair, Reinforce, Renew

Once paint has damage in it, the elements are allowed to penetrate the finish. Cracking, peeling, bubbling and other damage should be repaired to remove risk of moisture and pests making their way into the house.

If you see damage and are not ready to take on the task or repairing or repainting yourself, contact our pros and get a free estimate today.