How to Transform a Spare Room into a Walk

Do you have a spare room that you have been wanting to turn into that dream walk-in-closet? Investing time and money in the closet will pay off in the end. After all, it will be the room you are getting ready in every morning. Having a closet that you are excited to get dressed in every day can make all the difference. Read the tips below to ensure you are making the most out of your new space!

Install Closet Doors

You have endless options on the style of doors you choose, and this will set the mood for the rest of the closet décor.

Pick out a Large Rug

The rug is probably the main, if not only, piece of décor you will have in the closet. This is your opportunity to define the feel of the room.

Put Dividers in Your Dresser to Store Small Accessories

Store sunglasses, belts, and jewelry in a dresser with dividers. Everything with stay organized and nothing will get tangled up together.

Use Slide Out Shelves for Hidden Storage

Store your large accessories such as purses in slide out shelves. This will make everything look cleaner and more organized while still creating functionable storage.

Wire Bins

You can find these pretty much anywhere and they are great visible storage. They are stylish so it doesn’t matter if they are in plain sight. You can also see everything you have stored in them.

Arrange by Color

If you are able to see the clothes that are hanging, arrange them by color to make the room look neat and put together.

Get Decorative Matching Hangers

Rather than having miss matched hangers that aren’t aesthetically pleasing, invest in matching hangers that go with the mood of the room.

Full Body Mirror

No walk-in-closet is complete without a full body mirror. This is the perfect finishing touch.