Colors that Should Never Be Used in Small Spaces

Small spaces can be tricky. A lot of people don’t know what to do with them and therefore they stay as-is. However, small spaces are nothing to be afraid of and can actually be the best ones to decorate. It is easy to make a small space cozy just be careful of what color paint you are choosing for the room. Keep reading to find out the paint colors you should avoid when it comes to small spaces.


A lot of people will say this is the best color to paint a small space because of the fact white paint can brighten up a space. Although this might be true, it can also emphasize the box shape of the room making shadows and corners stand out. Designers suggest a dark charcoal gray shade instead.


Bright colors are a bold choice whether the room is large or small. But painting a small room orange can actually make it look like cheap and bounce light in an undesirable way.


This color is too intense for a small space. It will leave people feeling overwhelmed or even uncomfortable. You can use it as an accent color but don’t go overboard with it. This holds especially true if the small space happens to also be a bedroom.


Yellow is nice to use as an accent color, but you might not want to use it on the walls of a small room. It is overwhelming and should be used in moderation.

Dark Shades

Lighter walls and lighter floors are best for a small room.

No Dull Colors – Opt for clear and sharp ones instead.

Pay attention to the undertones. – If a paint as a colored undertone this will be obvious in a small space. For example, if you pick a gray shade that has a pink undertone, the pink will show and could clash with the other décor you have in the room. Make sure to test it out before you paint the entire room.

Pick the color that’s right for you. – Don’t chose a shade just because it is in style. At the end of the day you’re the one who has to spend time in this space, and if you don’t like it that defeats the main purpose. As long as you feel happy and comfortable in the room that is all that matters.