5 Signs You Need A Drywall Repair

As a homeowner, you want your house to look put together from the floors to the walls and ceilings. Over time, you’ll start to notice some of those areas don’t look as fresh as they once did. Take a close look at your walls. A common problem for many homeowners is drywall damage. Whether you need a repair or replacement, performing the work can be strenuous. However, if it’s not taken care of, drywall damage can lead to more significant problems, like structural damage, down the line.

If you’re unsure of when you need a drywall repair, here are five signs to look for:

Water Damage

Leaking pipes can cause water damage to your drywall, which weakens its structural integrity. However, the amount of water leaking into your drywall will affect how bad the damage is. For example, small leaks can be sopped up and solved with a fan. More substantial problems, like flooding, can lead to more harm. Even if water damage isn’t visible, moisture in the walls can cause other issues, like loosened joint tape or cracks. It may also trigger mold growth.


If your drywall wasn’t installed properly, it might be more prone to cracking. Cracks can form for various reasons, like temperature fluctuations and the house settling. They also tend to occur closer to doors, windows, ceilings, and corners—anywhere there’s a seam. Don’t ignore cracking since they will only get bigger and can eventually weaken the structure of your home, turning into an expensive and inconvenient repair.


A hole forming in your drywall is quite common, though the size of the hole will vary. Some may be as small as a nail, while others can be as large as a piece of furniture accidentally going through it. To prevent these holes from growing, make sure to get it patched and repaired as soon as possible. The size of the hole will also determine the type of repair you need to make.

Popping Nails

Nails can pop through the drywall for a couple of reasons. The house could be settling, causing the nails to shift or they might not be attached to a joint or stud correctly. Additionally, the wood used to build the house may have moisture, and as it dries, the studs may begin to shift or twist. If you experience popping nails, extract them from the wall and replace them with drywall screws.


Removing items from your walls like wallpaper, tiles, or mirrors can cause pieces of the drywall to come off or tear. Though this may not lead to something like structural damage, aesthetically, it becomes unappealing. You’ll want to sand and patch it up to get your walls looking brand new.

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