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Professional Drywall Repair in Huntington Beach, CA

Interior painting project commonly require some drywall repair as part of the project. We offer drywall repair as a stand alone service, and our crews are trained and experienced with drywall work for both residential and commercial applications. We can help with repairs to small holes, to large section replacements. Get started by setting up a free estimate appointment with our team. We can coordinate project timing and provide pricing information after an initial estimate appointment.

Our drywall repair services for the Huntington Beach service area includes:

drywall repair

Drywall Repair

drywall replacement

Drywall Replacement

Common Drywall Problems in Huntington Beach, CA

It’s common to need to make repairs to drywall during interior painting projects. The most common issues are nail holes, dents, water damage, and nail pops. If you notice any of these kinds of problems on the interior walls of your home, our team can help with professional repairs and painting.

Holes in Drywall

Usually caused by an accidental forceful impact. Commonly from moving furniture or falling into a wall. Holes can vary in size, the approach to fixing this will vary depending on the size.

Water Damaged Drywall

Water damage is common and has a variety of causes, from an overflowing bathtub to plumbing problems, to a roof leak - we have seen our fair share and are prepared to remove and replace water damaged drywall.

Nail Pops in Drywall

Nail pops are common in new construction. As new houses settle there will be nail pops that happen. It can happen in older homes to with shifting or settling structures. We can repair the damage when this happens.