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Professional Stucco Repair & Painting in Hilton Head

Stucco is a popular choice to have in the Hilton Head area and is one of the most popular materials for beach houses since stucco is tolerant to heat, wind, salt, and sand. However, the downfall for stucco is that it is very absorbent to moisture.It’s common for stucco to fade or crack with age, time, and exposure to the elements, especially rain. If you notice any cracks on the exterior of your stucco home that are larger than 1/8″, bulges in the walls, or chalking, it may be time for repairs and painting to the surfaces. There are many reasons to paint a stucco exterior, most home owners hire CertaPro Painters® of Hilton Head to make repairs along with painting the exterior.

Due to the absorbency of stucco, it’s likely that there will be needed maintenance on your home, especially in an area that can have considerable amounts of rainfall. Even with these downfalls, stucco siding is very versatile and cost-effective in today’s economy. To help combat moisture absorption, we suggest priming your stucco to help seal the cured stucco and cover the porous materials from water. Not only does primer protect your home, but painting your stucco home can also provide protection against water and mold as well.

If your stucco projects is in need of stucco repairs, or want to paint your stucco home, CertaPro Painters® of Hilton Head can help. Our services include:

cracks in stucco

1 Repair

We identify and repair cracks in stucco surfaces. Cracking can also be caused by improper fitting of lath and incorrect mixture. Our team can help evaluate these cracks, identify the issue, and fix the problem.

replacing stucco repairs

2 Replace Stucco

If stucco is damaged, due to environmental or weather elements, our team will assess the functional flaws and replace the stucco, if necessary.

priming stucco

3 Primer

We can prime your stucco, not only for a smooth finish or for covering the sites of your repairs, but to seal the cured stucco by using a waterproof primer or sealant to prevent farther cracks due to weather elements.

Stucco painting

4 Paint

Painting your stucco home can help protect it from environmental concerns like pollution and combatant against rain absorption and mold from forming.

Why Should You Paint Your Stucco Home?

We are all too familiar with the homes in Hilton Head. Stucco Homes is one of the most popular exterior finishes in the area, as it’s low maintenance and can last for years when taken care of. If you have a stucco home, you’re probably asking yourself if your stucco home needs to be painted. While there are no requirements to paint your home, there are several benefits for painting stucco.

Advantages for Painting Stucco

  • Seals out Moisture – Stucco is porous and absorbs a lot of water, which can be disadvantageous in humid climates. In the chance that it rains in Hilton Head, it’s great to have your home already prepped for these weather elements.
  • Filling the Cracks – Stucco is prone to cracking, which doesn’t suit an foundation settlement-issue environment. Painting your home with high-quality, thick paint can fill in thin cracks. However, it’s important to note that with bigger cracks, these will need to caulked or patched. We do offer repair services for stucco as well.
  • Resists UV Rays – Just like most materials, sun damage can take a toll on your exterior. Painting your stucco helps keeps your exterior properly insulated, especially if you choose a light color that will reflect sunlight.
  • Covers Stains – Stucco is also know for staining, and painting stucco is a great way to cover these stains!

When painted by professionals, we can ensure that your stucco exterior will last. Ideally, stucco should be painted every 5 to 10 years. With our team of skilled, meticulous painters, we will provide you with successful results to keep your house looking fresh for years to come.

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stucco home

Stucco Painting & Repair Projects in Hilton Head

See below for samples from our portfolio of stucco homes we have worked on.

Closer View of the Stucco Repaint

Closer View of the Stucco Repaint

in Hilton Head

Indigo Run Exterior

Indigo Run Exterior

in Hilton Head

Exterior Stucco Painting

Exterior Stucco Painting

House exterior repainted gray.