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About Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service

Years ago popcorn ceilings were an incredibly popular trend that you can still find in houses today, usually older houses. One of the reasons popcorn ceilings were such a popular trend, was due to the less expensive process it took to build these ceilings. Rather than traditional hand-troweled plaster, the spray-on technique (which gave popcorn ceilings that texture) was an easy application strategy that offered some fire resistance and noise-dampening. These days, the popcorn or textured ceiling trend has seen its glory and is no longer a fan of new homeowners. Now, popcorn or textured ceiling is usually an indicator of cheaply-built or outdated homes.

Fortunately, many homeowners who have a popcorn ceiling, have the option to remove that textured look and bring new life back into their homes. CertaPro Painters® of Hilton Head offers popcorn and textured ceiling removal services to help homeowners achieve a cleaner, more modern finish for their ceilings. Our team provides professionalism and a keen eye for detail for our customers, and most popcorn ceiling removal projects have a quick turnaround that only takes about a day’s worth of work.

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Understanding the Asbestos Issue

Before working with CertaPro Painters® or any other painting contractor on removing the existing popcorn ceiling, a homeowner should determine whether the material used in the makeup of the popcorn application could pose a health risk. Asbestos, a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral, has been a common issue that has shown up in the popcorn ceiling removal process and was once a popular building material, especially for ceilings until the substance was banned as a health hazard in the late 1970s.

If you believe your house was built before the 1980s or you feel like the building material used in your house could have been built with asbestos material, contact a professional asbestos remediation company to help determine the best course of action to safely remove the asbestos before contacting your painter.

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The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

The complexity of the job makes it a difficult task to undertake without professional help, which is where CertaPro Painters® of Hilton Head comes in. Our teams have extensive experience in this kind of job and can deliver perfect results quickly and efficiently. This could even include painting the ceiling a new color or installing an alternative effect. View the process below:

1Cover Walls & Floor

Covering the walls and flooring with heavy-duty plastic sheets

2Prep Ceiling

Spraying the surface with small amounts of water so that the popcorn ceiling easily scrapes away


We use special tools in order to assure we keep the mess to a minimum.

4Skim Coat

Skim coating any damaged areas prior to sanding to ensure a smooth, properly prepared surface for painting

5Paint Ceiling

Application of a fresh coat of paint primer followed by the paint color of your choice

Why Hire CertaPro Painters® To Remove My Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling removal is an involved and messy process, requiring special tools for scraping, sanding, and vacuuming the dust that accumulates on the ground.

It can be time-consuming, depending on the height and square footage of the ceiling, as well as on how intricate the popcorn pattern is. If popcorn ceiling removal services are required in a furnished room, all the furnishings will have to be removed or protected, making the process more labor-intensive.

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Why Use A Professional Company?

This is a tricky project that can go wrong very quickly in inexperienced hands. There are various benefits to relying on popcorn ceiling removal companies instead of tackling the work yourself. The delicate nature of the project often results in novice mistakes that are difficult and costly to fix. A few common mistakes include creating small holes and marks on the ceiling or causing water damage to any electrical boxes or outlets that aren’t properly protected. It is also a particularly messy job that can be a cleanup nightmare if the room hasn’t been prepared correctly.

Furthermore, as with any ceiling work, the removal can be tedious and exhausting, especially if you have a lot of it to go through. Professional popcorn ceiling removal teams have years of experience in this process, and there is no putting a price on this level of expertise.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

On average, popcorn ceiling removal can be costly, but the actual price will depend on a variety of factors. These include the size and height of the ceiling, the layout of the room, and the popcorn effect itself. More intricate patterns with thicker layers will be harder to get rid of, while certain finishes will be more brittle and easier to break away than others. The price will be measured by the time and materials required for the job, which we can determine through an in-home consultation. Schedule your free estimate online to arrange an appointment.