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Concrete Staining and Epoxy Flooring Services in Greater Lehigh Valley, PA

Do you have an untreated concrete floor suffering from stains, flaking, cracking, uneven spots, or discoloration? If so, it might be time for an update. At CertaPro Painters® of Greater Lehigh Valley, we understand your floors are an essential part of your house, and you want them in the best condition possible. If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade and refresh your home’s appearance, choose our team to stain your concrete and epoxy your floor.

Concrete staining adds a permanent color to your floor’s surface, and it tightly bonds, so you don’t have to worry about chipping or peeling. On the other hand, epoxy floor covering is excellent for high-traffic areas because it protects the floor’s surface with a durable, clear, stain-resistant finish. It also repels water and reduces slipperiness, which is perfect for areas prone to getting wet. 

The result is a fantastic finish that revives the appearance of any space.CertaPro Painters of Greater Lehigh Valley

Concrete Staining Services 

Our professional concrete staining service is perfect for enhancing any surface. When you schedule a concrete staining project with CertaPro Painters® of Greater Lehigh Valley, you can choose from an array of textures and colors that complement your style. We can stain concrete textures to resemble surfaces such as wood, granite, marble, and more. Our experienced team will help you select the finish that is best for you.  

Since every project is different, the timeline for concrete staining projects is subject to the existing surface, treatment, and size. A typical concrete staining project usually takes two to three days to cure, whereas larger projects can take up to a week. Contact CertaPro Painters® of Greater Lehigh Valley, PA, for a free estimate, and we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal suited to your unique needs.


Concrete Staining Services in Greater Lehigh Valley, PA

Popular Areas for Concrete Staining

Residential and commercial properties can benefit from the beauty of concrete staining. Some of the most popular areas for concrete staining services include:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkway
  • Driveway
  • Basement floor
  • Garage floor
  • Patio
  • Pool deck
  • Courtyard
  • Showroom floor

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Concrete Staining Services Greater Lehigh Valley, PA

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Epoxy Flooring Services

An epoxy treatment is a quick process resulting in a durable surface that can endure heavy traffic, spills, and stains. When the finish is correctly applied and maintained, epoxy floors can last ten years or more. They are ideal for commercial properties because they are easy to clean, water-resistant, and low maintenance.

A clear epoxy coating is most frequently applied on concrete floors to provide a firm, stain-resistant finish. This type of flooring works equally well in residential and commercial settings. Whether you’re looking to update your garage, basement, patio, or showroom floor, call the CertaPro Painters® of Greater Lehigh Valley epoxy flooring contractors for a free estimate.

Epoxy Coating Services in Greater Lehigh Valley, PA

The Epoxy Finish Process

When applied by the CertaPro Painters® of Greater Lehigh Valley epoxy finish services team, you’ll end up with floors that add beauty and brightness to any space. Check out the video below to learn more about the epoxy finish process. 

Cost of Concrete Staining and Epoxy Coating

One of the most common questions when deciding to complete a concrete staining and epoxy project is, “How much will it cost?” However, there is not a one-size-fits-all estimate because the cost is determined by various factors including by not limited to:

Size/square footage

Products used

Condition of concrete

Cleaning requirements

Repair work

At CertaPro Painters® of Greater Lehigh Valley, we work with you to develop a fair quote while ensuring professional results.

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