Why Businesses Choose CertaPro Painters

Commercial painting is quite a bit different than having your house painted. Business Owners want a property that reflects their company, the first impression ties into their brand, the appearance needs to look professional, clean, and attractive. Not just for the owners, but for the employees and customers.

When it’s time to paint a commercial space, business owners in Glendale and the West Valley area turn to CertaPro Painters to improve the exterior and interior appearance of their buildings. Our commercial painting company provides unrivaled painting services that set us apart from the rest.

Why do business owners choose CertaPro for commercial painting services?

#1: Fast, Detailed Quotes

When business owners decide to have their buildings painted, we step up to help them do it. CertaPro Painters provide free estimates within one business day of the request. We work with the building owner to plan each step in the project. Once approved, we schedule a time to get started. Our customers know our painting teams show up at the scheduled time and finish on or before the estimated completion time.

#2: Painting Project Management

When business owners need a building painted, they rely on our commercial painting services to complete the work in its entirety, in as little time as possible, with minimal disruption to their workflow. For this to occur, our commercial painting team manages the project from start to finish. We work around shift schedules, parking issues, traffic, and equipment. All that business owners need to do is communicate what they would like the results to be, and our painters deliver them.

#3: Professional Commercial Painters

We only hire the best. All painters wishing to join the CertaPro Painters team are highly vetted to ensure they have the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to paint small to large size businesses. Novice painters simply cannot provide the high-quality results our company and our customers demand.

#4: Commercial Painting Equipment and Tools

For the best painting results, our paint contractors use the latest equipment and tools available. Depending on the project, this may include:

      • Scaffolding, hydraulic lifts, extension ladders
      • Professional paint sprayers
      • Protective coverings, such as drop cloths and plastic sheeting
      • Protective clothing and safety equipment
      • Power sanders, power washing equipment
      • Industrial primers, coatings, and paints

CertaPro Painters® of Glendale is always up to date on the latest painting products to ensure we only work with the best to maximize the quality of our results.

#5: Expedited Painting Services

We bring the right number of experienced painters to each project to get the job done quickly while ensuring quality. This allows businesses to experience limited interruptions and disruptions during a painting project. CertaPro will work after hours and on weekends by request to meet the needs of business owners.

If you are in need of commercial painting, interior or exterior, we encourage you to schedule a free estimate online today or feel free to call us at 623-518-6467. You’ll be glad you did!