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The hanger was very dated as far as colors went. It had not been refreshed in quite some time. There were quite a few settling cracks on the building just from normal wear and tear. The colors were also quite faded due to sitting right on the tarmac of Scottsdale Air Park.


The biggest obstacle was the fact that all the hangers had aircraft inside of them. We needed to take great caution and care when painting around the facility. We were also working with a lift near an active taxiway. We needed to constantly be cognizant of aircraft taxiing for take-off.

Project Involvement:

The project had color consultations and renderings provided. It included full power wash, masonry repair to the tilt-up structure. All peeling paint was scraped and all bare substrates to include patchwork were spot primed. The entire facility was painted in a
full two coat process with a back roll.

Special Challenges:

We utilized a 45’ boom lift to access harder to reach areas on the building.


After CertaPro Painters of The West Valley Commerical Painters

This is a private airplane hanger space at the Scottsdale Air Park. There were 4 separate hangers at this specific location. The ownership felt that the building was looking dated and was ready to be refreshed. We provided a full-color change to the hangers.