5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Although we’re not there yet, it’s never too early to plan for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is our traditional way of sweeping out the old and ushering in the new. Spring cleaning prepares us for the rest of the year, so today we will offer five spring cleaning tips to get your new year started off right.

Clean One Room at a Time

All too often we find ourselves in a spring cleaning mood, but the job is so intimidating, we don’t know where to start. The best way to overcome being overwhelmed is to tackle one space at a time. By starting and finishing one room at a time, we can keep our arms around it. Plus, we actually get to check something off our spring cleaning list instead of looking at several uncompleted projects.

Get Organized

Getting organized may seem redundant, but it really is the best way to effectively spring clean. We are all busy, so sometimes we put spring cleaning off until it becomes a major task. Too often, we spend so much valuable time looking for supplies that we are exhausted when it comes time to clean. A much better alternative is to tackle the project in chunks that allow us to use our time more effectively. This can include planning only what we can do in a weekend and setting a specific goal.

Get Everyone Involved

There’s no reason we can’t draft help with spring cleaning. As mentioned earlier, spring cleaning can be a big job. Getting others involved not only spreads out the workload but also helps teach young people the value of keeping tidy. Spring cleaning does not have to be intensive, so many families make a game of it and offer rewards for helping, like a visit to an ice cream parlor to celebrate a job well done.

Work From the Top

Spring cleaning usually entails deep cleaning that only happens a few times a year. These activities can include cleaning light fixtures, windows and ceiling fans that tend to attract and hold dust. Because this dust will likely become airborne and fall, we should always clean high places first. An even better solution is to replace ceiling fan dusters with a vacuum cleaner pole extension, as these often allow us to clean thoroughly without needing ladders.


If you really want to make an impact with your spring cleaning, the final step is often a fresh coat of paint. There is no better time to paint than just after spring cleaning because much of the preparatory work has already been done. Especially easy when the furniture has been removed for cleaning, adding new paint to a space reinvigorates the visual appeal. New paint also helps cover offensive odors from pets and smoke, complementing the fresh, new look of the space.