Paint Colors to Avoid if you Want your Home to Sell

Posted on August 31, 2021

If you are looking to put your home on the market you need to assess what new homeowners are searching for. Paint is like the “first impression” of a room. If it isn’t attractive to the general public, it can have the power to turn away potential buyers regardless of how beautiful the home or room is. Although the color of paint on the walls may suit you and your family’s personality, you have to consider if it is neutral enough to suit others. You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living in the space. Here are the colors you should avoid if you want your home to sell.


This one may be confusing to some because gray is a widely popular color choice right now and it considered to be very modern and trendy. The key here is making sure you have the correct shade of gray. Dark gray will not do well especially if it is found in the dining room. Buyers prefer colors like mauve and lavender in the dining room.

On the other hand, a light gray living room with win over potential buyers. This was one of the most popular color choices amongst potential buyers.


This is a brownish-red color that has the power to turn buyers away. Living rooms with this color were widely disliked as light gray was the color option buyers wanted to see. In general, orange shades are one of the least-liked colors in the world so it’s best to stay away from them all together.

Dark Brown

People perceive this color as boring or dull and its one you’ll want to steer clear from in order to ensure your home is attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Off-white or Eggshell

This one is surprising because shades of white are usually a safe bet. However, people aren’t loving it. They instead are preferring a light-yellow shade. The reason for the dislike is probably because if there is not proper lighting it can make the room appear flat. If painting white just be cautious that there is good natural light in that room.

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