CertaPro Painters® Discuss Calming Nursery Paint Colors

You want a nursery to be a calming space where both you and your baby can spend quality time together and relax. The color of the paint on the walls can have a significant effect on an individual’s mood. Check out the list below for the most calming nursery paint colors or let our CertaPro Painters® share their expertise.

Bring The Sky And The Ocean Into Your Room

Kids' Room PaintingBlue is the go-to relaxing color. And why would it not be? Some of the most relaxing things in life such as the sky and the ocean are blue. Exposure to the color blue can lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate which help prepare the body for sleep. Blue also helps relieve anxious feelings which is perfect for babies. However, steer clear of dark blues, they can have an energizing effect.




A Gender Surprise

Parents picking paint colorsNeutrals are very cozy, calming and airy. They are easy on the eyes and perfect for relaxation. These paint colors also suit either sex, which is great if you are keeping the gender a surprise.




Surround Your New Family Member in Love

pink nurseryPink represents love and compassion which is great for a baby’s room. It can make individuals feel warm and comfortable. However, you want to go with a light or pale shade of pink as not to overwhelm the space.




Peace and Innocence

baby in white nurseryWhite, the color of innocence, angelic and sweet, it is perfect for a nursery. It evokes feelings of peace. Add warmth to the room by adding wood or wicker accents and greenery. Stay away from all white—use splashes of color to evoke emotion and openness.




Nurturing A Genius

green nurseryGreen helps bring a sense of nature into the room. It provokes feelings of calm. Some studies have shown it could increase reading ability, green is the best color to use in a learning environment. Light to medium green shades are best.




Inspiring Deep Thoughts

gray nurseryGray is a good color if you are looking to promote thought and emotion. However, you have to be careful to pick the right shade, so it doesn’t come off too dull. Light grays or blue-grays work best, use a warm tone and mix in some brighter colors.




Promoting Luxury

purple nurseryLavender and lilac colors will create a serene atmosphere perfect for your little one to sleep. Purple has long been associated with royalty, jewel tone purple is as regal as it gets. Purple is rare in nature therefore it is the most “unnatural” color.




Let Us Help

consulting a coupleAre you busy putting together the crib or the car seat? Do you have a vision for the nursery but need some professional assistance to bring it to life? We have local CertaPro Painters® who are ready to help you. Call today for a free in-home estimate.