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Colour Consulting and Painting Services in Fredericton, NB

Is your home in need of a face-lift? Are you ready for a change? Don’t stress over the colour selection process for your home. Whether you want the interior or exterior painted, CertaPro Painters® of Fredericton is there to help. Not only can you get time with a professional colour consultant, but you can also use the CertaPro Painters® MyPaint Colors™ visualizer to virtually paint the interior and exterior of your home, so you’ll know exactly which colors to pick.

CertaPro Painters® Colour Consultation

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What Does a Color Consultant Do?

A CertaPro Painters® consultant will chat with you to get to know your ideas. The consultant will also look at the rooms you need painted and advise on the best approach to take.

The color consultant will show you their paint deck to help you pick your room’s colors while answering any questions you have. Before they leave, your CertaPro Painters® paint consultant will give you 4×4 sample cards of each of the colors you selected to keep as a reference.

Paint Color Consultation Tips and Examples

Painting isn’t just about home maintenance. When the paint has dried, there is so much more to think about such as:

  • Which pieces of furniture to keep and which to replace.
  • What kind of window treatments will look best.
  • What accessories will best enhance the décor.

You can’t begin to think about these questions until you have picked the right colors for your rooms. This is where color consultation is most important since it saves you time and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Color consultants have helped homeowners with all kinds of projects. Here are just a few examples:

  • Whole house interior: In this case, a color consultant can help you with a unique color palette to suit your home. Typically, your consultant will help you choose a comfortable neutral color to run through the “vein” of the house. This will give the other coordinating shades and colors a more cohesive feel.
  • A different color for every room: Sometimes homeowners want each of their rooms to have a completely different ambiance. A color consultant can help, especially if you have a tight budget.

Darkness and light: Some people love darker colors in their home, but it can be difficult to tell just how dark you can go. Although it depends on how much light is in the room, there are other factors to consider, such as the amount of wall space, the furniture and if there is any millwork which can be brightened to enhance the room.

Common Questions About Colour Consulting

What does a paint colour consultant do?

Colour consultants are trained designers who will provide recommendations for colors and colour combinations for your painting project.

Is paint colour consulting available at all CertaPro Painters® locations?

Many independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchised businesses offer color consulting. Contact your local franchise to inquire if color consulting is available in your area.

What can I expect from an appointment with a paint colour consultant?

At your appointment, the colour consultant will talk with you to get ideas for what paint colour families you like most. From there they will help you visualize what various colours would look like in your home.

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