Popular Front Door Paint Colors in Federal Way

Posted on May 1, 2022

Gray Front DoorAt CertaPro Painters® of Federal Way we see many homeowners overlook their front door during the exterior painting project process. They often make a last-minute decision to choose a neutral color, usually white. While there is nothing wrong with a white front door, it may not be the most complementary color for your home. If you are planning on scheduling an exterior painting project this spring/summer, it is worth it to give the front door color some thought.

The front door of your home acts as the first impression of your home. While changing the color of your front door may seem subtle, it can actually have a huge impact on the appearance of the exterior of your home. Spring is the time to break out those bold colors and just let loose. If you love a paint color but think it would be too overwhelming for the entire exterior, the front door is the perfect place to use it. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before choosing a color for your front door:

  1. Will the paint color for the front door work well with the exterior color? You don’t want the front door to look out of place so it is important to make sure the color is complementing the rest of the home.
  2. Will the color look good in direct sunlight? When choosing an exterior paint color, it is important to think of how it will look off of the swatch. This color will be in daylight and maybe even direct sunlight. It is a good idea to paint a small portion of the door before committing.

After you’ve asked yourself these questions, get excited to pick your front door color! Keep reading to find out popular front door paint colors in Federal Way.Yellow Front Door

  1. Natural Blues and Greens – Pull inspiration from nature by choosing a blue or green shade for your front door. It will blend with the foliage surrounding your home. Muted blues and greens are the best options. This will set your home apart while not being too overwhelming.
  2. Light Floral Shades – Sticking with the nature theme, light floral shades are a great way to make your home stand out. Lavender or pale yellow will look great if you have a lot of flowers blooming near the front of your home.
  3. Black- Black is a classic yet bold choice. Typically, you will want to make sure there are other black accents being incorporated onto the exterior of your home. I.e. Black shutters, trim, and garage doors.
  4. Gray- People often overlook gray as a front door color but it looks beautiful on white and tan homes.

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