What to Consider When Hiring an Interior Painter

When you’re approaching an interior painting job, hiring a painter can be a tricky road to travel. Arm yourself with knowledge before your first estimate appointment so you can feel confident in choices you make. Here are few items to consider when thinking about hiring a team for an interior painting project.

painter prepping a roomDoes your home have lead paint?

If you weren’t in your home when it was last painted, or the paint was applied before 1978, you’re going to want to consult with a professional. Paint from that era has the potential to include lead, a harmful chemical. Disturbing this can free it into the air and allowing it to harm those in your home. There are tests a professional can perform to identify the potentially harmful paint.

Preparations are key

The preparation for a paint job can make the difference between home-done and professional. If done incorrectly, you could quickly be dealing with cracking, peeling or chipping. Repairs should be completed before any work starts. In addition, dirty walls won’t allow paint to adhere properly. They will need a full cleaning to remove greasy residue and dusty grime. You should ask your potential interior painter if they provide these services as part of their work.

How to recognize professional painters

Professional painters are well versed in estimates and contracts. There should be no scrawled numbers on business cards. Working with a pro means you’ll get a full crew with understanding of your painting needs. This professionalism should start from the first interaction and continue through the relationship. Expect an estimate with full product information and costs, as well as a formal contract that includes time frames and payment schedules.

Items that can change cost

Sometimes, there will be additional costs to your estimate. This could include color changes, additional repairs or moving heavy furniture. If you’re not doing it, ask if it’s included or additional. This will allow you to be fully prepared for the finished price.

Take time on color selection

certapro painters interior painting

Your painter may have preferred paint manufacturers but the color choice will be up to you. Changing a color dramatically can cost extra in man hours because you’ll have to add priming and several coats of the new color. Changing the color part way through the painting will change the costs as well. Any changes beyond the beginning of the project has the potential to increase your end costs.

What finish is best for the project?

Some finishes are more forgiving when it comes to hiding imperfections. Your estimator will be able to give you recommendations based on the color and room use. Generally, flat paint is the most forgiving finish but it does not make for easy cleaning. Eggshell will have a light sheen in it, allowing it to hold up to scrubbing but showing off any issues with the wall.

Schedule an estimate

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