Exterior Painting Trends in Bentonville, AR

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh new look, you may be wondering what the latest trends in house painting are. In Bentonville, Arkansas, popular exterior paint colors tend to be neutral, like taupe and gray. These colors can help give your home a more modern look. We have been offering painting services in the Bentonville area for nearly 20 years, and every few years new trends emerge. Here’s what we are noticing as emerging in the area with painting projects and color selection.

Popular Exterior Colors for 2022

Below are a few homes we painted in the Bentonville area in the last few years that showcase a few emerging popular color choices.

green painted home in bentonville
Shades of green like this project have seen an uptick in the last 2 years
Light gray, and while trim is a neutral and time tested popular color combination.
Stucco Painted
Stucco exteriors like this one are very commonly painted in tan like this, often with brown trim.
blue and white exterior
One of the more modern and recent trends is a growing popularity for blue/gray primary color with white trim, like this home that we painted last year just outside of Bentonville.

Limewashing / Painting Brick Exteriors

Limewashing brick is a new and popular trend in Bentonville that can give any home a unique look. We have been using a romabio product to achieve this look with great results, many brick home owners in Bentonville have been inquiring and hiring us to help with this type of project.

painted brick exterior
A painted brick exterior done by our team in the Bentonville area. Its become more popular to paint brick like this over the last 2-3 years.


bentonville brick home with limewash exterior
We completed this project in 2022, transitioning this home from a red brick exterior to this white / limewash surface that dramatically changed the curbside look of the home.
white painted exterior using limewash paint
Another partial brick exterior done just outside of Bentonville with the RomaBio limewash product.