How to Save Money on Your Home Interior Painting Project

Posted on June 30, 2022

CertaPro Painters of Fairfield, CT is the source for interior painting experts in central Fairfield County. We take pride in helping homeowners complete painting projects that they love while saving them money too. People often ask, “How can I save money when painting my home’s interior?”

CertaPro has the answers to all your painting questions. But when you are thinking of painting an interior room, there are several things a homeowner can do to prepare for these projects that will save time and money. First, you should evaluate what your ultimate end goal really is and then, consider the condition of the other rooms in your home. Are you planning to paint them eventually?

A Big Way to Save Money on Your Home Interior Painting Project

A major way to save the most money is to paint your entire home’s interior all at once. Painting the entire house often makes the most sense and offers a significant benefit. Simply having one room, or just the cabinets, or only the trim or windows painted does give a clean, fresh look. But once one particular area is newly painted, it will make other not newly painted surfaces look dingy & unclean.

This is when people who have only one space painted usually call CertaPro Painters to start another interior painting project because they do not like how the unpainted rooms look against the newly painted surfaces. Then the painting project process starts all over again and they must deal with moving furniture, closing off areas, and the overall inconvenience of another painting project being completed.

An entire house painting project streamlines the work and will also help the painting contractor deliver the best outcome. Professional painters working on an entire house painting project can produce a beautiful end result that clients love.

Here are a few other benefits of Painting Your Entire Home’s Interior at the Same Time:

Save Time & Money on the Planning Process

Part of planning your interior painting project is testing for lead paint if you own an older home. This is especially important for homes built before 1978 and the EPA has resources via a Lead Hotline – The National Lead Information Center that may be useful. If you are painting your entire home’s interior, then all your rooms get tested, not just the one space you are painting.

Part of the planning is also easier when you only have to move furniture, wall hangings, and other heavy objects one time.

The planning process also includes choosing what color or colors are going to be used. If the entire interior is painted one color this could also reduce your cost. If you’re unsure what colors will look great and will fit your lifestyle, consult CertaPro Painters of West Rochester, NY’s Color Consultant. They love helping our clients choose the perfect color palette.

Save Time & Money on the Preparation Work

Preparation is a very important step before any painting project. Prepping for an entire home’s interior will save you significant resources.

For interior projects, painters will look to see if any nicks or holes need to be patched, sanding done, nails and screws removed, wallpaper taken down, damaged trim replaced, outlet and light switch covers removed, and more. Interior walls need to be washed to remove dust and dirt.

Doing all of this prep work for a whole house painting project produces quicker, less costly results. This is because it can be done in a methodical manner and it can be done one time moving from room to room or section to section.

Painting part of the house, by comparison, would require prep work for each application so instead, knock it all out at once!

Save Time and Money on Interior Painting Materials

When you call a quality house painting contractor to come out and provide a quote they will measure thoroughly. You’ve probably heard the old expression ‘measure twice, cut once and that can be applied to house painting too. Accurate measurements for whole-house painting determine the amount of paint, primer, and other materials necessary to complete the job. We also know that buying in bulk amounts is less expensive. The same truth goes for house painting materials. Purchase more of the type of paint needed for a whole-house project rather than purchasing small amounts for smaller projects. If you’re painting just one room at a time or only the exterior trim for example, in the end, this will be more costly since more house painting maintenance will need to be done as time passes.

Save Time and Money on Painting Labor

Professional painting crews coming in to complete an entire interior painting project have a very efficient process. They will quickly get set up and do the prep work in a systematic order. Similar to an assembly line each professional painter will have a job to do. It will come together like a puzzle and be very organized.

Depending on the size of the project, if it takes multiple days to complete, house painting crews know how to clean up between painting days. When this process is done for the entire house, rather than room by room or section by section at different points in time, they can knock out the project very quickly.

Keep in mind also that the crew will only have to clean up once rather than cleaning up after each room or section. All of this labor cost equates to less when the entire interior is painted at one time.


Painting the entire house at once is a great option for homeowners who need a complete refresh. It’s also common for landlords to paint the entire interior between tenants. Whatever your situation, if you’re looking to paint a room or small section, keep this in mind.

You can always request quotes on different project sizes before making a decision. Know that in the long run painting everything at once will leave the space, looking great. Plus, it will save time, money, and headaches down the road.

In the long run, having the entire house painted at once is one of the most efficient decisions for both the project timeline and the pocketbook.

When you have an interior painting project, give CertaPro of Fairfield, CT a call at 203-937-2164 or schedule a free estimate online today!

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