Can You DIY Your Home’s Interior Trim Painting?

Posted on August 1, 2022

Painting interior trim within your home may seem like a pretty easy project. You slap some glossy white on every piece of trim in the entire house and call it a day. Be warned— that usually will not give you the overall results you wanted. You also may realize that this trim painting project is a bit more complex than the aforementioned scenario.

Seriously, repainting interior trim in any room or over your entire home can be a daunting task. Especially if the paint is peeling, or there are nicks and scuffs all over it, or if you are changing the entire color palette of the room or your home.

When it comes to even moderately damaged trim and/or molding, you may want to call CertaPro Painters of Fairfield because we have the expertise and will provide you with affordable options that you may not be able to do or afford if you go the DIY route.

We can handle small carpentry projects too. So hanging & then painting your new crown molding is where we shine. Some people don’t consider replacing the trim because they feel it is a small detail within a room or home. But even very subtle changes can transform a room. As with many things in home design, a small tweak can make a big impact (or be a big failure).

But do not get nervous and shy away from this project. Certapro can help you figure out exactly what your trim painting project needs to be successful. We are experts in all interior home painting and also have color consultants to help you decide on which hues to choose.

Speaking of Hues, Here are Some Unusual but Stylish Color & Treatment Options for Your Next Trim Painting Project

1. Painting the Trim the Same as the Walls
There is something modern and soothing about trim painted the exact same color as the walls. It creates a seamless look and works well if you plan to leave your walls bare or cover them with a thousand pieces of art.

2. Painting the Crown Molding a Shade Darker than the Walls
It’s crisp and modern but somehow mellower than vice versa. And it works in any style room with any style trim. You could also go a few or several shades darker if you are feeling really daring.

3. Use Totally Unexpected Colors for Your Door & Window Trim Painting
Beige and gray are nice. But so is lavender against a yellow ocher wall. This style of room is elegant and classic and surprising and unique all at the same time. Look for colors that complement each other on the color wheel and pick from those spectrums.

4. Black as a Primary Baseboard Painting Color
As classic as bright white, but more elegant and serious. It helps to have slightly more ornate trim when you use black. It’s almost as if it is meant to bring out the pedigree and history of a house.

Since the trim is usually small, intricately detailed, and uniquely textured, it is more difficult to paint and requires unique expertise. Certapro Painters of Fairfield can complete the trim painting in every room, so nothing goes unnoticed, and every room makes a great impression. Before we start, we inspect your trim for rough edges, dents, holes, loose paint, and other damages. We repair damaged trim so your trim painting adheres correctly and looks great. Our trim painting experience includes baseboards, ceiling trim, door frames, window frames, crown molding, and more.

We are attentive to detail and will ensure that your trim is painted according to your budget, your timeline, and your vision for your home or business. We will prepare and protect every surface, for beautiful finishes and spotless spaces and leave every room looking better than ever. Trust your interior trim painting with the leading local expert residential and commercial painters.

Ready to start your trim or molding painting project today? Call CertaPro Painters of Fairfield at 203-937-2164 or go online to schedule a free estimate today!

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