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Wood Siding Painting Service

CertaPro Painters® of Fairfax and Prince William, VA specializes in a variety of exterior siding painting services, including wood painting and replacement. Wood siding is a popular siding choice for many homes in the Virginia area, due to its durability and aesthetic. One of the great aspects of wood siding is that it’s relatively easy to paint if applied correctly. It also adheres to paint better than most porous surfaces. If well maintained, applying a fresh coat of paint every few years will keep your house looking as beautiful and new as ever.

As the weather becomes more unpredictable, high heat and moisture can wear and tear at your wood siding over the years. Over time you will being to see signs of fading, chipping, and/or peeling. If you are noticing signs of damage or wearing, reach out to CertaPro Painters® of Fairfax and Prince William to schedule a free estimate on your next wood siding painting service. Our team paints a variety of wood siding, including wood fiber cement, cedar siding, and more.

The painters did an excellent job. From start to finish everyone listened to what I wanted. I am more than pleased

- Jackie S. | Fairfax, VA

Jackie S. | Fairfax, VA

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Common Questions about Wood Siding

If you maintain your wood siding how long will it last? 20-40 years with proper maintenance.

How often do we need to have the wood siding painted? Proper maintenance will include resealing and repainting every couple of years. Holes or cracks need to be patched sooner rather than later.

Why do we need to maintain it so often? Exterior wood siding is very vulnerable to water damage which leads to mold, rot, and eventually splitting and bowing of the wood.

Should we pressure wash our wood siding house? No, we recommend skipping power washing on wood siding houses as it can lead to chipped paint that will then allow moisture into the wood.

How do you repair wood siding? If you check on your siding regularly, the damage will typically only be limited to a few boards. This is an easy repair because it doesn’t require a full replacement. When replacing wood siding we are careful to remove the damaged wood without damaging any of the nearby boards. We will often see holes or cracks in the wood siding as well. Generally, this is an easy fix, we scrape away the loose paint around the area and get out any rot that may be inside. We then sand the area, apply the filler, and sand it down.

How do I know if my wood siding needs to be replaced? Warping, cracking or very obvious damage may be a sign your home needs a full replacement. This may be the case if your home is older.

When you do decide to replace your exterior wood siding, you may want to consider alternative materials. For example, if you love the look of wood but not all the maintenance, engineered wood may be a good alternative. It has many of the same qualities as wood siding but can be more durable. For example, it’s more resistant to water damage, mold, warping, and insect infestations. It’s also affordably priced compared to solid wood siding and should require a bit less maintenance over time.

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