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Commercial Painting Project

A HOA community in Northern Virginia contact us to help with exterior painting for home in the community. It is comprised of 36 townhomes built within the last decade. The project revolved around the painting of 13 townhomes (phased work) in an overall refresh of the exterior for an aesthetically pleasing look.


The Project’s Scope

The designated scope which included all exterior trim, doors/frames, window frames, balcony trim, and fascia was last painted over 5 years ago and needed a fresh new look. The project centered around color matching the existing colors of all surfaces to be painted to refresh the overall appearance. The project also consisted of adding address/street numbers via stencils to the exterior curbs on each unit driveway for all 36 homes.

The project also involved light carpentry repair of any damaged/rotted trim boards for each unit as necessary.

A Better Welcome

A Better Welcome

A fresh coat of paint can make an older doorway new again. This is what we were called to do for this HOA property.

Painting Identification

Painting Identification

The HOA requested the house numbers on the concrete to make it easier for people to find their parking space. This was no problem for us.

Exterior Commercial Painting

Exterior Commercial Painting

These townhouses needed a facelift and that's exactly what we gave it with a fresh coat of paint. This is before our commercial painters got to work.

Preparing for Our Commercial Painting Services

In terms of preparation, all surfaces to be painted were washed/cleaned. Loose and peeling paint was scraped/sanded to a firm edge. The team caulked open seams and spot primed repairs prior to painting.

The project also involved the coordination of colors. Being that it was a color match and the Board of Directors did not have the current colors on file, CertaPro Painters worked with Sherwin Williams to color match door and trim colors to replicate existing colors.

color match

Unique Challenges We Overcame

Elevated surfaces including balconies, gables, and soffits were upwards of over 40 feet above ground level. Due to limited access points, CertaPro and the team utilized an 80-foot lift to access these areas and ensure efficient painting to stay on schedule.

Due to the request for a color match of all doors and the wide variety of door colors on-site, CertaPro Painters coordinated with Sherwin Williams on colors to ensure replication of existing colors. The project required coordination with the Property Manager, Board of Directors, and each resident to ensure access to residents’ doors to be painted. CertaPro coordinated a date for all doors to be painted as well as makeup times and days for residents as applicable.

The community requested the stenciling of address/street numbers for each unit on their respective driveways which involved the proper fast drying traffic paint product through Sherwin Williams and proper stencils approved through the community HOA.

The project required the use of an 80-foot boom lift as well as 40 and 60-foot ladders.

The curb stenciling project required the use of durable stencils and the proper paint products to ensure timely dry times and durability.

house number painted on curb

Products Used for this Commercial Painting Project

Sherwin Williams, SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex (Color Match) – For the Trim, Rakeboards, Fascia, Wooden Window Frame Casings, Wooden Door Frame Casings, Decorative Porch Awning Trim/Fascia, Front Door Frames, Soffit, and Garage Door Frames, we applied Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex with a Satin finish. This product is formulated with Advanced Resin Technology and can apply in most sheen’s in cold weather even as low as 35 degrees F. It offers outstanding adhesion and color retention resisting fading, chalking, peeling and blistering.

Sherwin Williams, SnapDry Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex (Color Match) – For the Front Doors, we applied Sherwin Williams SnapDry Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex with a Semi-Gloss finish. SnapDry Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex dries in as little as one hour of application and is resistant to dirt and fingerprints, UV and weathering.

For the curb stenciling portion of the project, we used the following:

Sherwin Williams, Pro-Park Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint. Color – Black. Flat Finish. 1 Coat.
Sherwin Williams, Pro-Park Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint. Color – White. Flat Finish. 1 Coat.

Bright and Welcoming

Bright and Welcoming

A different color front door was a much prettier and happy welcome to residents.

A Fresh Look for a Townhouse Community

A Fresh Look for a Townhouse Community

These townhouses went from dull to bright and brand new looking with our commercial painting services.

Exterior Commercial Painting

Exterior Commercial Painting

The townhouses looked 100% percent better than what they looked like before our commercial painters painted it.