Wallpaper Woes: Learn Wallpaper Removal Techniques

Just bought your dream home but it’s filled with nightmare wallpaper? Switch out the outdated walls in just a few steps. Don’t suffer from wallpaper woes; learn wallpaper removal techniques.


Wallpaper removal can be on the messy side. It’s a good idea to move furniture from the room, or to the center. Cover and tape it with plastic to keep it safe from splashes. Protect floors from drips with drop cloths or cardboard.


If there are visible peels, wallpaper removal might be easier than you think. Let your inner child out and start peeling. A taping knife can loosen edges and help begin the peeling process. Be careful not to put dings in your drywall.


Now things get sloppy. Get a spray bottle of warm water and spritz all over. If the paper is superbly attached, you may need to use a steamer which will speed up the paper separating from the wall.


Give the water a chance to soak in before you attempt to scrape the paper off. Use your taping knife to loosen paper and pull it down. It’s easiest to work top to bottom or left to right. If the wallpaper removal seems to be at a standstill, try wetting it down several times before scraping. Because the walls are wet, the structure underneath could easily be damaged. Also, do not be surprised at the relics of old colors and papers you find.


Now that the paper is gone, wash the wall down to remove any paste, primer or bits of paper. A dampened sponge and bucket of water are sufficient to clean it. You may need to repeat this step a few times for the best results.


Once the walls have dried, look over the smoothness before moving on. If you miss glue or pieces, your next paint or paper could flake, cake or crack. Taking time for this step will prove very useful in the long run.


Now that the walls are clean and ready for remodeling, have fun with the next step: new walls. The walls will be ready for paint, paper, or whatever you decide you’d like to see. Looking for ideas? Try here. Not interested in the muss and fuss of wallpaper removal yourself? Contact us for an estimate!