Sell Your Home Faster and For More with Paint

Selling your home is a big decision. Moreover, it means strangers walking through your space and judging you and your color choices. Get your house ready for showings and potentially increase your asking power with a few easy steps. Here’s how to sell your home faster and for more with paint.


Clutter accumulates over time. A pile here, stack over there, it creeps in. Some realtors insist your house should be devoid of personalization before showing start. Our pros disagree. The house needs to feel homey and clean but not sterile. Rather than remove all of your photos, clear out the clutter. Your new buyer will see the space as a home and the cleanliness will make them view it as cared for.

Fresh Paint

Lived in homes have walls that are dinged from everyday wear and tear. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral but stylish color choice can make all the difference in an offer. Messy and high traffic rooms will be the most likely areas you should address. Hallways, kitchens and bathrooms are notoriously nicked up. Pick from warm and liveable neutral colors. Pick a color choice with a wide appeal, but avoid bland.

Make your home stand out from the bunch with a gallon of paint and an afternoon. Giving your front door a new color shows confidence in your home and a sense of style that could set you apart from the neighbors. Popular choices are vivid yellow, brick red or off-black. Some can even get you more in your asking price.


Issues you have dealt with can be a turn off for the new owner. A hole in the wall, sticky door knob or cracked tile can make the difference between sale or skip. Each of these issues are fairly simple fixes that can be easily remedied. Repairs like this make your home look like it’s well taken care of, fresh and ready for a new family to move in.


Yes, clean. More than you usually would. Take some extra time to do the niceties. Hang fresh towels, clear limescale away, add a wax burner with a fresh and not overpowering scent. These small touches make a big impact when added together for a potential buyer.


A bad kitchen is a bad sign to a buyer. Upgrading some items like appliances or counters can get very expensive, very quick. Clean those items to the best of your ability. While it’s a bigger project, a cabinet refinishing could be in order. It will give the kitchen a feeling of newness and be more cost-effective than new cabinets. It’s a big, messy project, so consider some professional help with this sort of upgrade.


Windows play an important part in the sale of your home. Washing them allows the natural light outside to come in. It will set your home up with an airy feeling that is hard to deny. For darker rooms or evening showings, make sure you have a warm-colored lightbulb in a lamp for a comfortable feeling.

Bringing in a realtor to help you decide which tasks are worth the money will help focus your efforts. Bringing in a CertaPro estimator will get you a fully fleshed out estimate to allow our team to take care of the work for you.