Interior Painting Tips from Professional Painters

Since we are professional painters, we thought we would help those of you who are looking for some interior painting tips. We know how hard this type of work can be, and while we always recommend that you leave this type of work to the professionals, we understand that some people want to do it themselves.

Be sure to read all of our interior painting tips before getting started.

Paint Color Depends on Coats

Many people will select an interior paint color thinking they will see that exact color as soon as they put it up on the wall. This isn’t always the case. Many times, it takes two or more coats to achieve the desired shade.

Protect the Area

It can be a pain to lay tarp down and tape off, but it truly is worth the time and effort. There’s nothing worse than getting on your hands and knees to scrape paint off the floors. You also don’t want to step back and see all of the places you’ve painted over the area you wanted to, such as the ceiling or on the windowsills.

Paint Evenly Up and Down

Streaks and unevenness on your walls from using too much paint in certain areas can be an eyesore. You can avoid this by making sure you get about the same amount of paint on your roller each time and painting up and down evenly, and not going over the same area twice unless you are going over all other areas again.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush the job. The more you rush, the more mistakes you’ll make, and that will just make you unhappy with the results. Professional painters can paint quickly because they paint every day and they have a lot of practice, experience and skills.

Consider Using a Professional Painter for Interior Painting

This is our final, but most important tip. You want your interior painting to look good, so let the pros do it. CertaPro Painters® of Fairfax – Prince William has a team of expert painters who can deliver the results you want. You won’t have to spend your time or energy doing it yourself. It’s truly worth the cost.

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