Best Paint Colors for Selling Your House

Real estate experts recommend painting the exterior of your home when you want to sell it quickly. Repainting the house will make it brand new, which will give buyers a great first impression.

Best Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

While you can have your house painted the same color it already is, there are some exterior paint colors that can boost the chances of it selling.


An off-white, cream colored exterior is perfect for selling a house because it’s not something that sticks out to people. It’s a nice toned down color that elicits a comforting feeling.


This color make people feel happy, and that’s exactly what you want people to feel when they come to see your house.

Light Blue

Light blue is tranquil and relaxing. People love it for homes that are near the water.


People love the color grey for the exterior of houses. If you want a color that most people like, this is it.


It’s natural and neutral, which is safe. Safeness is what you want when you choose a color for selling your house.

Blue Gray

This color has just recently been popping up in neighborhoods. It’s a dark bluish gray color, and it’s beautiful.

Cypress – Light Green

This color is a light greenish color that looks amazing with red flowers in front of it. It’s really a great color when you want a natural look for your home.

Choosing an Exterior Paint Color People Will Love

You can’t please everyone, as much as you want to. The best you can do is choose a color that MOST people will love. This means sticking to neutral colors.

If you’re ready to get your house painted as soon as possible to get it on the market, call us. Our team of professional exterior painters will come out to your home, assess it, and give you a quote. We’ll then set up a day and time to get it freshly painted for you.