Why People Should Invest in Exterior Painting

With the sales of residential real estate homes at a steady rate across the country, many homeowners are taking advantage of the steady market and putting their homes up for sale. With the process of selling their homes, some homeowners will need to make minor repairs and upgrades to not only make their home attractive to potential owners but also to improve their chances of their homes quicker.

If you are ready to sell your home and want to compete effectively with similar homes on the market and receive the highest sales price possible– an exterior paint job can help you achieve your objectives

The Benefits of an Exterior Paint Job

Although an interior paint job might be just as important, most designers and real estate professionals would agree that new exterior paint is a relatively affordable way to increase the value of your home, significantly. According to Consumer Reports, an exterior paint job can potentially increase the value of your home from 2-5%.

In addition to enabling you to command a higher sales price, painting the exterior of your home provides the following advantages:

  • It is more economical to paint versus the installation of new vinyl siding.
  • Buyers do not want to worry about expensive repairs–a home painted 20 years ago speaks of deferred maintenance and the need to paint the home soon.
  • Apply color to make house appear larger (light shades) or smaller (darker shades) on the lot.

Since most homebuyers will place a high value on the exterior paint appearance, you can expect to receive inquiries about the date the home was last painted and well as the quality of the paint. Use the advantages listed above as selling points for homebuyers.

There are a variety of reasons for choosing a professional to handle exterior painting. Professional contractors are skilled and familiar with proper cleaning and preparation techniques to ensure durability.

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