Joe AlitiemOwner

Phone: 570-730-2405

My name is Joe Alitiem and I’m your local CertaPro Painters franchise owner. I run my business with a very simple, yet important philosophy: Take care of the customer and long-term growth and profits will follow. I realize that hiring a contractor is not an easy decision and that most people have had less than positive experiences with contractors. CeratPro has a unique approach with emphasis on taking care of the customer and ensuring a positive experience through delivering the WOW factor. From the initial contact, to the consultation, execution of the project, and reviewing the results; the communications are constant from every level and every department. This unique approach was the main reason I decided to purchase the franchise. We survey every customer to ensure the quality, value and service were delivered. I have an extensive experience in the contracting field and will apply the same principles and methodology that resulted in success and a win for the customer.

Our employees and I take your trust very seriously and will do everything possible to deliver!