Welcoming Hallway Color Ideas

If you are considering starting an interior painting project you may be concentrating on the obvious spaces in your home such as the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, even bathrooms. The question is… Have you thought about the hallways? Although it may not seem like it, hallways are very important spaces in our homes. They are the transition between rooms and should flow well with the rest of your home.

So what colors could you paint your hallways to give that warm feeling that the rest of your home radiates? Well, there are some things to consider before diving into your color options. Like, do your hallways have windows or doors? If not, consider a lighter shade to help brighten up the space. Or go the other route and create a more mysterious feel by using a deep color such as blue or green. After considering the qualities of the space you can then make sure you pick the perfect color. Keep reading to see some of our favorite hallway color ideas!

Light Blue

A light blue hallway is calming and inviting. If the hallways space is larger you can add a patterned chair for a more modern feel.


If black is too intense for you but you still like the way dark colored spaces look then go for navy!

Light gray

You can’t go wrong with a great neutral.


White is always a go too and looks especially good if there is naturally lighting in the hallway. Add greenery to give it even more of an aesthetic touch.


A great alternative to white and never fails to create a warm homey feel.

Bright Yellow

If you want something unique, yellow emanates friendly and inviting feelings. You can then add black and white photos to the walls for an artistic touch.


At first thought you may think absolutely not. How can black be welcoming and warm? But it can be! Black can be a romantic, warm color if done in the right way. Add a chandelier and lots of warm light and it can create a charming atmosphere.