Why Do We Need House Paint?

We’ve been painting our houses for a very long time, and for good reason. House paint is designed to protect our houses from the elements, while allowing us personal expression. House paint is available today in a variety of colors, textures, and mediums, which can address virtually any need. Unfortunately, most modern building materials (such as vinyl and aluminum) do not offer the ease of installation or cost effectiveness of house paint. Today, we will discuss the evolution of house paint, and why we still need it today.

House Paint Protects Us

For many decades, house paint was derived from oil based mediums, like linseed oil. The oil was then tinted with pigments, often made from plants, sand, and even blood. As these materials dried, they formed a hard, durable shell that shed water and looked good. Unfortunately, oil based house paints do have downsides, like high levels of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. In modern construction, house paint is derived from latex, which is water soluble and relatively non-toxic.
If we live in a painted home, many of us take it for granted. We tend to under appreciate the role house paint performs for us. However, quality house paint can keep us warm, cool, and dry when used correctly. In modern construction, often homes are designed to require no house paint at all in an attempt to avoid maintenance hassles. However, few materials protect a home’s exterior like a good quality house paint, so many times the extra maintenance is worth it.

House Paint Is Versatile

Modern homes tend to employ low maintenance materials like vinyl siding, aluminum trim coil, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) trim. These materials are generally considered low maintenance, but this also means the materials are static. When these materials become damaged, often the best solution is to simply replace them, as repairs can be tedious and unattractive.
House paint, however, is a very versatile product that can be easily repaired and changed as needed. House paint usually requires a new application every ten to fifteen years or so, which is also about the time we often consider updating. For homes with vinyl or aluminum siding, changing designs and especially the color will usually result in complete replacement. Considering the costs involved, it becomes evident very quickly that house paint is more cost effective, versatile, and adaptable than other exterior coverings.